Diamond Hands sculpture on Wallstreetbets
Diamond Hands sculpture on Wallstreetbets
Diamond Hands sculpture from Wallstreetbets

What I learned from lurking on WallStreetBets has certainly been valuable, but not necessarily pretty. Imagine your sweet little old gramma hanging out on 4Chan. All bets would be off for her future mental health.

Who gets the vaccine? After the fifth — or maybe the fiftieth time — I’d been asked whether I was going to get the vaccine for covid (the typing monitor suggested “oviduct,” and I don’t know what that is) and I had no ready answer, figuring rightly that I had some time to decide — I had no idea then that I had as much time as I DO have — I looked up the availability of it in Nevada and who is allowed to get it. I figured I might as well submit to the inevitable and get the Mark of the Beast. Why fight it?

And should I be okay with that?

I’m so glad they will be okay in These Uncertain Times. One less thing to worry about.

Where is that pool boy when you need him?

I don’t see the Kardashians being skilled in anything more than smoothing the blankets on their beds.

Amped up on life, but where’s love?

What has impacted our motivation to maintain old friendships?

Despite its ups and downs, real estate investing is one of the best ways to generate passive income and build equity for the future.

The cave may as well belong to us, rather than to some random cavelord who reaps the benefits of our rabbit skin and antelope horn rental payments.

Only you think you’re not interesting enough. You absolutely are.

Every decade closes with the number 9 and that is one thing we can depend on.

Gigi J Wolf

Way Beyond Bed and Bath at Chezgigis.com. Author of memoirs: amazon.com/author/gigiwolf

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