Diamond Hands sculpture on Wallstreetbets
Diamond Hands sculpture on Wallstreetbets
Diamond Hands sculpture from Wallstreetbets

What I learned from lurking on WallStreetBets has certainly been valuable, but not necessarily pretty. Imagine your sweet little old gramma hanging out on 4Chan. All bets would be off for her future mental health.

(The typing monitor suggested “streetwalker” instead of Wallstreetbets, and while I believe the profession of prostitution is an evergreen one and worth considering as a long term investment, unfortunately, we are not progressive enough at this time to incorporate our Ladies of the Evening. Although the IPO would go well, I think.)

Granted, I’m not a sweet little old gramma, but I could be. I’m 67, and while teaching in middle schools taught me a lot about the up and coming generation — not to mention having a 28 year-old son who actually frequents 4Chan and tells me about it…

Who gets the vaccine? After the fifth — or maybe the fiftieth time — I’d been asked whether I was going to get the vaccine for covid (the typing monitor suggested “oviduct,” and I don’t know what that is) and I had no ready answer, figuring rightly that I had some time to decide — I had no idea then that I had as much time as I DO have — I looked up the availability of it in Nevada and who is allowed to get it. I figured I might as well submit to the inevitable and get the Mark of the Beast. Why fight it?

When I researched who will be allowed, I saw an ad, “Do you qualify for lower insurance rates?” It certainly fits.

Two old friends had called me yesterday and in the course of the conversation they asked if I was getting vaccinated. I gave my standard answer that I wasn’t sure and was going to wait to see if they grew a third eye or their tongue turned black. Now that I’ve warned them, they probably won’t tell me what happens. They’ll want me to be a three-eyed, black tongued, healthy member of society just like them.

After we hung…

Emigration: What’s to stop you from leaving the USA if you’re fed up, ticked off, and ready for a country where you’ll be welcomed with open arms and forever safe? Safe from loss of employment, safe from racism and bigotry, safe from crime? But Mars isn’t open for business yet?

Well, I’ll tell you. It’s pretty simple and can be summed up in three words: Immigration policies.

I hate to rain on anyone’s parade (Who am I kidding? Like 99% of the population, I thrive on it, at least on my blog), but it isn’t easy to emigrate anywhere, because…

And should I be okay with that?

My resounding answer is “No, I’m not okay with that.” At 67, I have the niggling feeling that I’m just getting started on a significant journey. People in my family live well into their 90s. My great-aunt and great-grandmother made it to 99 and 100.

If that is something other than subconscious rationale for “Not so quick, cowboy — you’ll have to pry that ventilator out of my hot little hands,” it proves I don’t feel ready to pass beyond the veil. The veil can wait. It’s always going to be there. Stupid veil.

We’ve all had the “Would you…

I’m so glad they will be okay in These Uncertain Times. One less thing to worry about.

Where is that pool boy when you need him?

I’ve been reading about the rich and super rich, and the bunkers they are buying and building.

And I want to know: Are these millionaires and billionaires prepared to clean and maintain these bunkers with their swimming pools, hot tubs, filtration systems for air and pools, bowling alleys, shooting ranges, underground 400 acre lakes, entertainment systems, and whatnot?

I don’t see the Kardashians being skilled in anything more than smoothing the blankets on their beds.

One of these bunkers will be 3 million square feet, room for 5 to 10k people. Will they build a wall down there and behind that wall will be cleaning and maintenance crews? Will they make sure there’s an engineer and mechanic…

Amped up on life, but where’s love?

The lights in the valley became sharper as the temperature fell, so I stayed out a while longer to enjoy being cold. For ninety days a year I brag to myself that I have a place above the city, away from the summer heat, and Kelly says I stay out in the cold all winter just to remind myself of those ninety. Its seventy five degrees the same number of days each year in either place, she says. Misses the point. I finished my drink and went inside to check on dinner. Today is still Valentine’s Day, after all.


What has impacted our motivation to maintain old friendships?

A couple of weeks ago, I had major surgery. The person I referred to as my BFF — an affectionate term I picked up from teaching seventh graders — got upset with me the night before the surgery and as of this writing, has not called me. I’m assuming a friendship that lasted for 40 years is now over.

I spent five days in the hospital and didn’t think much about it during that time. Major surgery is major surgery. It pushes other things out of your mind. But when a week had gone by and I was back home…

Despite its ups and downs, real estate investing is one of the best ways to generate passive income and build equity for the future.

Real estate investing does not require certification, a license, or even the smarts of an Einstein. It mainly requires the belief that most people want a place to crash after work, go potty on their own toilet, and make their coffee in the morning, and therefore will look for shelter in order to do all that. Ever since we lived in caves, we have insisted on a way to make coffee in the morning before having to commute to a day of hunting and gathering.

The cave may as well belong to us, rather than to some random cavelord who reaps the benefits of our rabbit skin and antelope horn rental payments.

For two years now, I’ve been haunting the real estate web sites, looking at land…

Only you think you’re not interesting enough. You absolutely are.

Who sez you aren’t interesting enough for an author bio on the back jacket? Only you.

It behooves writers to put something in their author section because someone will relate to it. People like to see a writer’s picture and they like to read something about them. It makes the author more human, if such a thing is possible. Meaning, they are either human, or they aren’t. A bot didn’t write their stuff as far as we know.

When you pick up a book, you look first at the title and cover (a digital book’s cover is arguably the most…

Every decade closes with the number 9 and that is one thing we can depend on.

What happened in 2019? It was a very important year by any standards. Not only have we survived almost a full term of the current administration (this phrase works no matter who you support), but it’s also the end of a decade .

Closing any decade with the number 9 in it makes perfect sense to those who count by 10s.

Sit back with your macaroons, sip your gin and tea, and get ready to recap 2019. If you want to review previous years — namely, 2016, 2017, and 2018 — my recap posts are archived on this page.


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